#2 – Trivia Quack (behind the tune: Monster)

Joe, Will and Chris chat about quacks, hogs, and vapes. They also determine the true meaning of “butterfly effect” and wrap up with a discussion about the origin of the Villain District song/video “Monster.”

“Monster” can be viewed/heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9UuX-gNvpw
0:25 Trivia Quack
2:00 Silly Tweets
5:30 Enjoy Your Burrito
8:25 Hog
10:20 Trying Something New
12:05 Sponsor Time w/ Chris
13:55 Behind The Tune (MONSTER)
23:00 Joe Reads BATMAN
38:25 RecordingThe Song
48:25 The Video
51:07 The Response/Closing

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