5 Fictional Foods

Five Movie & TV Foods That I Want In My Mouth Right Now:

Characters in movies and television shows live better lives, that’s just a fact. They have interesting
jobs that are different every day, their neighbors are weird in a fun way, and all their problems are usually
solved within an hour of being established. It’s only upsetting to imagine ourselves in their worlds, so
instead, let’s just imagine we get to eat some of their tasty foods. Here are five pop culture foods that
always have a home in my mouth.

1. TheTMNT’s Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, but what can make it better? Whatever is inside the crust of those slices
Mikey’s about to shovel down. Stuffed crust pizza exists in our world for sure, but typically it’s a cheese
situation, turning your crust into mozzarella sticks. That’s all well and good, but I WANT THAT RED
STUFF. Is it marinara? Is it pepperoni? Whatever it is, it has a home in my tum-tum.

2. The Krabby Patty

Like pizza, burgers are another mega-popular dish. The tender, juicy patty marries with the flavors of
fresh lettuce, tomato and lightly melted cheese for an almost universally adored taste. Now take all that,
add sea salt (because, y’know, ocean) and Mr. Krabs’s special secret formula, and you might just have
the best burger ever eaten. I just need to find some Poseidon Powder…

3. Cookie Cat

Cats. Cookies. Delicious cream filling. What’s not to love? Steven Universe introduced us to a
choclatey, creamy treat based on the intergalactic adventures of a space cat. I don’t think the appeal of
this one needs further explanation.

4. Other Mother’s Foods

Neil Gaiman’s novel ‘Coraline’ is a poignant, terrifying rendition of the old adage “be careful what you
wish for”. The movie is a beautiful example of what’s possible with stop-motion animation. But HOLY
JEEZ LOOK AT THIS DANG SPREAD. If I had an Other Mother cooking dishes like this, I might just
resign myself to my delicious fate. She may be an evil monster with nefarious intent, but hey, we’ve all
gotta go sometime.

5. The Entire Good Burger Experience

I know I already mentioned a burger, but come on. Good Fries? Good Shakes? How can you go
wrong? I want to walk into a fast food restaurant where the cashier yells the order into a microphone
attached to the counter. I want to see an employee climb inside the still-full shake machine to fix it. I
need hijinks happening all around me while I eat my meal at a table bolted into the tile floors. I guess I
just want a 90s McDonalds with better food and less competent employees. Is there a market for that?