18. House of the Dead

House of the Dead

Killscreen Cinema 18. House of the Dead

The Kill Screen gang feared this moment since the podcast started and it has finally come – they watched their first Uwe Boll movie, House of the Dead!  When a group of tourists travel to a remote island to party, they instead find it overrun by zombies!  Uwe Boll has a rich legacy of bad movies, but this is considered on of his worst!  While Kent conveniently goes MIA for this episode, Craig and Loren are joined by local karaoke legend, a B-Movie master, Groucho P. Trout to help them through what amounts to a boss battle for Kill Screen Cinema! Can we hope to survive our first round with Uwe Boll?

Killscreen Cinema covers the niche genre of video game movies.  We discuss everything from terrible adaptations like the Super Mario Bros movie to films about video games like The Wizard. Subscribe to us on iTunes or SoundCloud, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!

House of the Dead

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