65. Gettin’ Spooky with Tory Smith of The Paranormal Help Desk

FearScape is back with a very special ALL-NEW EPISODE! The Spooky Crew got the incredible opportunity to interview an unspoken hero in the Paranormal Community, Tory Smith. Tory Smith founded and runs the Facebook Page, The Paranormal Help Desk and she helps folks link up with local ghost hunters and paranormal investigators if they don’t know where to find them. She has helped so many people over the years find hope and help. We talk with her and she shares her spooky stories as well as the origin of the Paranormal Help Desk.  Our frightening listener story this week comes from Stephanie Peach.  Tune in now and make sure to hold those blankets extra tight as Stefan & Josh take you deep into… the FearScape!

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