Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary Types Announced!

A new video for Pokemon Sun and Moon dropped today showing off a little more of the new location, Alola, and for the first time announcing the types for the new Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala.

Solgaleo (the Day Cat) has been revealed to be a Psychic/Steel type while Lunala (the Night Bat) is going to be Psychic/Ghost.

I gotta say these types have caught me by surprise since I was almost certain Solgaleo would have been some kind of Fire type and Lunala would have been Dark considering their designs. Interesting enough now they are both weak to the types that a lot of people had originally thought they would have been. It’s also funny to me that the Pokemon who is the “Emissary of the Sun” is weak to Fire…

Along with the typings for the new Legendary pokes we also got more info about their moves and abilities. Like the past several Pokemon games Solgaleo and Lunala both have a signature moves that are specific to them. Solgaleo has Sunsteel Strike, a meteor charge that ignores the target Pokemon’s Ability.

While Lunala can use Moongeist Beam, a giant moon laser that also ignores Abilities.

The new Legendaries both have their own unique Abilities as well. Solgaleo knows Full Metal Body, an Ability that stops it’s stats from being lowered and Lunala knows Shadow Shield, which causes attacks to do less damage if it was at full health.

The video also shows more about the new Alola region and some of the new characters you will meet like Professor Kukui, Lillie, and Hau. Although the most interesting new character by far is your new Pokedex…


which is a Rotom…

For those of you not up to date on your Pokemans facts, Rotom is a Ghost/Electric type from Gen 4 who’s form changes when it possesses different electronic devices.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out November 18th, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS