286. Animation Coming in 2022

series coming in 2022

This week we have a solo episode where I talk about all the cool animation coming in 2022! Lots of things from Netflix and Disney + though the details are not fully realized on a lot of them it seems like some great new cartoons are set for the new year. Let’s get it into the future this week on Animation Destination!

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series coming in 2022


  1. Can you guys review LEGO Monkie Kid? It’s LEGO’s newest property based on the Chinese legend, “Journey to the West”. It’s animated by the same people who did “Rise of the TMNT” and has a pretty great voice cast. And it’s an all-around fun watch.

    • Hey this is Brandon! I would LOVE To review Monkie Kid. It’s been a lot of fun to watch it but there’s not many legitimate means to watch it in the States so getting other people to watch it and join in is a little tough. That said I look forward to making an episode when I can!

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