16. Horror with Noobs (Cyndi Snow) – Black Christmas (1974)

Welcome back campers to another edition of Unhappy Campers! This week join Ben, Stefan, and Lance, your head counselors, as they introduce their friend, (WWF/TNA wrestling legend, actor, dancer, singer, and hairdresser!), Cyndi Snow! They introduce her to 1974’s Black Christmas on another edition of Horror With Noobs! They discuss their favorite moments and Cyndi shares her thoughts as well. We also catch up with her what she is doing, we covered Shawn Cain Films, Trucking Divas with Gorgeous George, PLAY, Unsupervised Adults, Shane & Cyndi, and more! Also on Shag, Marry, Kill: Horror Edition, the crew choose their picks from a Tremors worm, Gabriel (from The Prophecy), and the demon Darkness (from Legend)! As always campers, always remember to camp until you die!