14. Spider Baby (1967)

Welcome back Campers to another frightful edition of Unhappy Campers! This episode your head counselors pay homage to the late great horror actor, Sid Haig, by visiting this cult classic that was one of his earliest films! 1967’s Spider Baby not only features Sid but also features horror legend, Lon Chaney Jr., in one of his final performances in horror. This movie came out of nowhere for the boys and all found this movie to hit their Top 10 lists. This movie is strange, dark, funny, and emotion invoking, you’ll want to hear about this one. Also on Shag, Marry, Kill (Horror Edition), the boys discuss their picks between Riff Raff of Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Crypt Keeper from Tales From The Crypt tv show, and the Vampire, Jerry Dandridge from the original Fright Night. And finally, don’t forget to camp until you die!