28. Digimon: The Movie

Digimon The Movie

Killscreen Cinema 28. Digimon: The Movie

The Killscreen crew are the DigiDestined this episode as they talk about Digimon: The Movie. When a powerful Digimon threatens to take over the internet, it’s up to a group of young heroes to stop it!  We are joined by comedian Nathan P. Woodard and his son Oliver, who both host their own podcast called Up Late With Oliver. What happens when you introduce a kid into the mayhem of a DigiDiscussion? The podcast Digivolves to GOLD that’s what!

Killscreen Cinema covers the niche genre of video game movies.  We discuss everything from terrible adaptations like the Super Mario Bros movie to films about video games like The Wizard. Subscribe to us on iTunes or SoundCloud, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!

Digimon The Movie

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