Our Game Room

Our Gaming Room at the Destination is great for a wide variety of table top gaming. We've hosted everything from Magic, DnD, and Hero Clix, to brand new games like Transformers TCG and Star Wars Destiny. We foster a fun and casual game space for all ages to come and enjoy a personalized table top experience!

You can even schedule your own gaming events or just show up on our "special free-play day" every Thursday!
Call us at 502-883-2110 to schedule to host a gaming session.

Gaming Room at the Destination

Board Games in Stock

We also stock a wide variety of board games for purchase as well as gaming accessories and extras for trading card games.

Gaming Accessories

Affordable Games

Not wanting to put down a lot of money but still want a fun board game experience? We also have a large selection of affordable board games all less than $25!

Games Under 25 Dollars
Affordable Games Under 25 Dollars

Video Game Tournaments

Big video game tournaments and events are also hosted here at the Destination on our wall projector screen.

Video Game and Movie Screen