80. Who Would Win?

Who Would Win?

It’s the first edition of an entire episode of our bonus material game “Who Would Win?” That’s right it’s a full on fight as animated characters square off against, enemies, allies and counterparts in this brawl for all episode!

The VS for this Episode (Spoilers!)
  • Wonder Woman vs. She-Ra
  • TMNT vs. Battle Toads
  • Galactus vs. Unicron
  • Hiccup and Toothless vs. Hiro and Baymax
  • Hawkgirl vs. Demona
  • Lion vs. Lockjaw
  • Gargoyles vs. Mummies Alive
  • Sonic vs. Road Runner
  • Sora vs. Mighty Max
  • Naruto vs. Inuyasha
  • Shir Khan vs. Mufasa
  • Space Ghost vs. Captain Marvel
  • Reed Richards vs. Rick Sanchez
  • Aku vs. The Lich
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Who Would Win?

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