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  1. Had to wait for my physical copy to arrive before enjoying the podcast. As someone whose formative comic-collecting years had a foundation with the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans, and as someone who collects every DC Animated Universe movie, I was really looking forward to this one. I agree with the comments that the team seemed short a member, and to me, Nightwing seemed conspicuous by his absence thru most of the movie.
    While not perfect, I did really enjoy this movie. I guess we can thanks BvS for our diminishing expectations! The depictions of the characters seemed an equal mix of the New52 comics and other animated offerings like Teen Titans Go and the other DCAU movies, although on first veiwing, I thought Diana was Lois in the scene where she and Clark were in their civilian clothes (I think they made her hair less dark in that scene).
    The story was a good mix of the stories from the Titans vs JLA fight in NTT Vol 1 #4, the battles vs Trigon in NTT Vol 1 #6 and NTT Vol 2 #5-6, and even the 2008 Titans series that introduced Raven’s siblings.I just don’t understand the way Dick Grayson keeps being portrayed as a Jersey Shore-type.
    Since the beginning of the DCAU movies, they’ve teased The Judas Contract as a planned movie, so its nice to see Terra show up in the credits.
    2 corrections to things from the podcast: 1) Terra’s brother was Geo-Force who was introduced in Batman & The Outsiders and due to their similar powers, Mike W. Barr and Marv Wolfman made them siblings. 2) the Wonder Girl first used in Teen Titans was “created” by Bob Haney. It was Haney, not Wolfman, that mistakenly used the teen (future Wonder Woman) he has seen in a Wonder Woman story as her own character in The Brave & The Bold #60, the second team-up of the sidekicks, but the first to call them Teen Titans. Haney went on to write the Teen Titans when they got their own series.
    Keep up the good work and Go Titans!

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