The Store

Your Friendly Neighborhood Staff

Brian Barrow (Owner)

Favorite Hero: Spider-Man
Favorite Villain: Magneto
Favorite Comic Book Animal: Dex-Starr
Favorite Lantern Color: Red
Favorite Movies: Back to the Future, Star Trek: First Contact, and Noises Off!
Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek (The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager)
Favorite Cartoons: Batman (TAS), Gravity Falls, and The Simpsons
Favorite Story Arcs: Old Man Logan, Red Son, and The Civil War
Favorite Super Power: Telepathy
Favorite Video Games: Bioshock, WOW, and Fallout

Mitch reading a comic book

Mitch Harmon (Store Manager)

Favorite Heroes: Wolverine, and The Hulk
Favorite Villains: Joker, and Venom
Favorite Comic Book Animal: Lockjaw
Favorite Lantern Color: Red
Favorite Movies: The Original Star Wars Trilogy, and Enter the Dragon
Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead
Favorite Cartoon: Batman (TAS), Steven Universe, and X-Men
Favorite Story Arcs: Civil War, Siege, Blackest Night, Old Man Logan, and World War Hulk
Favorite Super Power: Strength
The Comic You Should Be Reading: Kill or be Killed, and Seven to Eternity
Favorite Video Games: Skrym

Hunter with Star Wars Destiny cards

Hunter Allen (eBay/Gaming)

Favorite Heroes: Batgirl, and Doctor Strange
Favorite Villains: Mr. Freeze, and Doctor Doom
Favorite Comic Book Animal: Lying Cat
Favorite Lantern Color: Blue
Favorite Movies: Hero, Lilo and Stitch, Scott Pilgrim
Favorite TV Shows: Park and Recreation, and Brooklyn 99
Favorite Cartoon: Bob's Burgers and Legend of Korra
Favorite Anime: My Hero Academia, Samurai Champloo, and Fullmetal Alchemist
Favorite Story Arcs: Batgirl of Burnside
Favorite Super Power: Ice Powers
The Comic You Should Be Reading: Tyson Hesse's Diesel, Motor Crush, and Batgirl
Favorite Video Games: Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, and Overwatch

Sophia Goldberg (Comics)

Favorite Heroes: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
Favorite Comic Book Animal: Dex-Starr
Favorite TV Shows: Dr. Who, Brooklyn 99
Favorite Cartoon: Steven Universe
Favorite Super Power: Flight
Favorite Video Games: Undertale, Oneshot


Q: Do you guys buy comics/collectibles?

A: Yes, we will always take a look at what you have. Mitch Harmon is the best person to talk about comic. Brian Barrow and Evan Pack are the best to talk to about collectibles.

Q: Do we offer a holds box program/subscription service?

A: Yes we do, and all customers that have holds at The Destination get free bags and board for their comics.

Q: Do we sell kid comics?

A: Yes we do have a lite amount of comics geared for children. If we don’t have what you are looking for there is a good chance we can order it.

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